Dust Explosion Prevention

Dec 14, 2015


The 7 basic control measure:

  1. Make sure your buildings have explosion relief. This could be an explosion relief panel of appropriate size or a part of the structure made of lightweight materials. The more energetic the dust, the more relief area you need.
  2. Fit ATEX certified explosion relief panels to silos and bins.
  3. Fit a switch to explosion relief panels that cuts off the plant if the panel blows.
  4. Try and duct relief panels to the open air when possible.
  5. Keep on top of your housekeeping and use a vacuum to clean up dust rather than a broom.
  6. Use ATEX certificated rotary valves on silos to act as an explosion choke and segregate bag filters from the workplace with a wall.
  7. Use a permit to work system to control hot work on site. This will allow inception hazards such as static discharge, hot surfaces, unprotected electrical appliances and inspection lamps to be prohibited.


There are many standards on explosion venting. I’ve given a few general ideas but specific dusts will need specific control measures.


Category: Health and Safety

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