Preventing Slip and Trip Accidents

Dec 21, 2015


I have a few thoughts for you on preventing the humble slip and trip accident. 


So what steps should businesses take to reduce the risk of slips and trips occurring? Here are some ideas:

  • Produce a specific slip and trip risk assessment for all work areas.
  • Assess how the floor surface is going to get contaminated and ensure you have the means to clear up the contamination quickly.
  • Ensure that plant and equipment is not leaking oil or water onto the floor.
  • Use a robust cleaning regime and make sure you dry clean the floor if there are people around as cleaning is taking place.
  • Make sure that cleaning staff are adequately trained.
  • Clear up spillages quickly and train people on the spill clear up procedure.
  • Ensure that footwear issued to employees has the correct type of sole.
  • Ensure that walkways are well maintained and kept clear of obstructions.


There are lots of steps you can take to stop slips and trips, I’ve mentioned a handful here. I hope that’s been helpful and look out for my next video because I’ll be sharing some tips on how to defend slip and trip claims.


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