7 Ways To Keep Your Projects and Goals on Track

Jan 26, 2016

It’s coming to the end of January and maybe some of us who set goals at the start of the month have started to see our commitment to those goals tail off.

If that’s the case, and you have a risk management project or initiative that you want to keep on track, here are a few tips to consider:


  1. Keep a record of what you’ve achieved each day or each week. Pay particular attention to the highlights and make a note of what you want to achieve in the coming days and weeks. This process also pays dividends when it comes to preparing for your appraisal at work!
  2. Take a proactive look at for any lessons you can learn from the work you carry out on your project.
  3. Look for the fun and enjoyment in what you’re doing so you can build enthusiasm.
  4. Look at problems from a wide range of angles and use creativity in your solutions. Your creativity will develop as you use it more and this will stand you in good stead for resolving future risk management problems as well as any problems arising in other aspects of your life!
  5. Pay attention to the details and notice more than others do. Getting the details right will assist greatly in the successful implementation of your project. This will give you an advantage in many situations, especially when the enforcement inspector comes to call.
  6. Time is something that none of us can get back once it’s gone so make sure your actions matter.
  7. Be meaningful and specific in your dealings with colleagues and maintain clarity on the details of your goal and what part it plays on your risk management journey.


All these suggestions go towards giving your goals and projects significance. So remember why you began that project and start to get it back on track. Good luck!


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