9 Tips For Motivating Your Staff to Follow Safety Rules

Jan 19, 2016

Sometimes, when I get shown around a workplace by the works manager, I follow someone who stays on the designated walkways, wears the correct personal protective equipment and follows the safety rules. However, this isn’t always the case by any means. Yet if you want high standards from your workforce, the management team needs to apply those high standards themselves. 

Here are a few ideas to help motivate a workforce:

  1. Set the standard for your employees to follow and lead by example.
  2. Have a vision for how the workplace should operate and communicate it clearly to your employees.
  3. Get in the trenches and give a demonstration of the standard you’re looking for.
  4. Give positive feedback and acknowledge good contributions from your staff. Ensure that the reward is matched to the person and the contribution.
  5. Communicate with your workforce on a consistent and regular basis. Ask what’s improving, ask what would help make improvements and ask how you can support or help.
  6. Give your team responsibility and then let them manage.
  7. Introduce a small number of simple key performance indicators for each role.
  8. Give your staff incentives for improved performance. However, employees look for recognition, meaningful work and opportunities for growth, they are not only motivated by money. Any rewards for contribution and performance should consider non-financial recognition as well as awarding monetary bonuses.
  9. As recognition for improved performance, create opportunities for employees to volunteer and get involved in work within the community that is meaningful to them.       

I hope these thoughts are of some help. If you would like more information on health and safety management, please visit riskmanagementcircle.co.uk

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