How To Set Your Risk Management Goals

Jan 05, 2016

Well, it’s that time of year when we are expected to set goals. I’m sure you’ve read all about that before, the idea of being much more likely to make big improvements in your business or personal life if you have crystal clear goals that are written down somewhere for your eyes only.

So have you set risk management goals for your business? Here are a few pointers to consider when you are goal setting:

  • Write the goals down and refer to them every day.
  • If a goal needs a big step to get progress going, take that big step quickly. 
  • Make sure the mindset of you and colleagues is congruent with meeting the goals. 
  • Create a working regime that gives your team the opportunity to meet your goals.
  • Try and remove issues or circumstances that will stop progress being made.
  • Create a team vision of how the business will look or feel when your goals have been met.

Remember that focus and enthusiasm are hugely important and ideally, make sure that you and your team get some sort of reward for meeting your goals, it doesn’t have to be monetary!

Don’t forget that all these ideas can be applied to your personal goals as well as your business goals.


Category: Risk Assessment

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